Our Treatments

We are specialized in oriental treatment for spine and joint, acupuncture therapy, cupping and oriental herbal medicine. Our treatment practices are focused on natural healing, reduce or relieve pain and improve the function of affected areas of the body. Schedule your relaxation at our clinic today. We advise our patients on how they can build healthier lifestyles through personalized consultation and treatments.


With the use of lit moxa sticks to warm the acupoints, the entire treatment helps to regulate immune system, reduce coldness and enhance releasing of stress.


Interferential current therapy (ICT) is an effective therapy, with the high frequency signals of an IFC that penetrates through the skin into deeper muscle tissues.


Cupping helps balance body Yin Yang, condition the organs, improve blood circulation, in order to enhance body detoxifications.

Tuina Therapy

Tui-na treatment technique involves manual therapy, especially spinal manipulation therapy (SMT), manipulations of other joints and soft tissues.

Device Therapy

Our diagnosis TCM devices are made with high technology and imported from Korea. We use 3D Interference Wave Therapy to treat health concerns.

Herbal Medicine

TCM physicians prescribes staminal supplement herbal medicine, growth stimulating medicine for Kids, Menopause treatment, women health medicine.

Pain Management

Pain treatment is prescribed according to patient’s natural constitution. The treatment is focused on the affected muscle or deep tissues related injuries or pains

Weight Management

Our weight management treatment can improve inner metabolism and boost energy by releasing unwanted toxin stimulated inside the body.